Q & A

Q. Where can I view the offer made to the Charitable Trust that own MPF?

A. All documents can be found here.

Q. Are the outline plans the same as those presented at the public exhibition in March 2016?

A. Yes, only five percent of the playing field area is proposed for the boundary of the school including a new multi-use games area for the school and community to share.

Q. What were the results of the consultation events held in March 2016?

A. 1,180 local residents responded to the consultation held earlier this year with a majority of 71% supporting the proposal for The Heights Primary School within Mapledurham Playing Fields.

Q. Who made the offer?

A. The Education Funding Agency has submitted an offer on behalf of The Heights Primary School Trust.

Q. Does the offer include refurbishment of Mapledurham Pavilion?

A. An offer of £1.36m has been made to the Charitable Trust. This will enable them to make some much needed improvements to the sports and leisure facilities on the site, including the repair and reopening of the pavilion and improved football pitch facilities.

Q. Would a repaired pavilion and improved football pitch facilities still be owned by the Charitable Trust that own MPF?

A. Yes, the Charitable Trust will still own the pavilion and the football pitches.

Q. How will the MPF Charitable Trust make their decision?

A. The Heights Primary School sub-committee (who have delegated authority) met on 12 July 2016 to decide whether or not to consider the EFA's proposal in more detail. The committee voted unanimously to consider the proposal further.

Q. Will there be further opportunities to comment on the design of the school?

A. There will be further opportunities to comment on the design of the school as part of the planning process.

The Heights Free School Sub-Committee met on 12th July 2016 to discuss the EFA's proposal and answer questions from local people. A copy of the Q&A can be found here.