The Heights Primary School opened in temporary accommodation on Gosbrook Road, Caversham in September 2014. The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has been seeking new, permanent premises for this successful and developing school.

Following a Council led public consultation, MPF emerged as the community’s preferred site for the new school. Over 4,300 responded, of which 3,042 were in support of MPF.

As a result, work has been completed in surveying where on the site the school can best be placed to minimise impact on current users. This surveying work has formed part of a proposal for consideration by the charitable trust that owns MPF.

Further consultation then took place to share the site plan for the school, seek feedback on what community facilities local people would like to see provided as part of the proposal and respond to any concerns raised. A clear majority (over 70%) of respondents supported the proposal for The Heights Primary School within Mapledurham Playing Fields.

The Education Funding Agency has therefore submitted an offer on behalf of The Heights Primary School Trust, to the Charitable Trust that own Mapledurham Playing Fields to purchase part of the site as the permanent home for The Heights Primary School.